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Dubas Dark Theme for EspoCRM

Screenshot of Dubas Dark Theme The theme created by to EspoCRM. The theme is available for download as an extension to EspoCRM at

This repo is for comments only, but we do not give any warranty for the theme or installer. You install this theme on your own responsibility. We do not provide additional free support.


EspoCRM in version higher than 7.2.0.

EspoCRM devs change many things in 7.2.0 version, that's why theme is not compatible with previous versions.

Getting started

  1. Open our website and download installer;
  2. Login to your EspoCRM as admin;
  3. Go to admin section and open extensions page;
  4. Choose installer from you computer and start installation process;
  5. Choose new theme in your user preferences.

Video Presentation


If you're already using our theme and you want to update to the newest version, you just need to download new version from our website and install in same way as you installed our extension before. You don't have to remove previous version. Installation of the newer version will update Dark theme.


This extension is shared without any support. Extension is available as it is. If you want to order some service, all information about us you can find on our website