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PayPal Webhooks

PayPal Webhooks

How to create your first PayPal Webhooks?

  1. Go to PayPal Webhooks in Administration section.
  2. Create new PayPal Webhook.
  3. Fill name, choose events which you want to use, change status to Activate and leave Listener Url empty.
  4. Save.

Now you’re ready to receive information about events in PayPal.

Explanation of fields

  1. Status – status of webhook. You can check clarification of statuses below.
  2. Event – events after which PayPal will send information to EspoCRM.
  3. Listener Url – automatically generate URL for webhooks.
  4. Direct Url – Direct URL for webhook actions.
  5. Webhook Id – ID assigned by paypal.
  6. PayPal Webhook Records – linked webhook records(subentity).

Clarification of statuses

  1. Draft – EspoCRM on this stage will not send any information to PayPal.
  2. Activate – EspoCRM will send all information about webhook to PayPal.
  3. Active – on this stage webhook is active.
  4. Remove – EspoCRM will send request for removal to PayPal.
  5. Removed – this stage mean that PayPal removed webhook.
  6. Failed – this stage mean that PayPal couldn’t register webhook.