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How to buy our Extensions?

  1. Check our website to choose which extension you want to buy.
  2. Gather all required information.
  3. Contact us through email.

Required information

We need to make sure that we have all required information about you and your company. All data which you provide us, will be process by our company in accordance with the privacy policy.

  1. Representative's full name(first and last name);
  2. Representative's phone number and email address(we'll use these information to contact you);
  3. Full name of your company;
  4. Are you a VAT payer? If yes, please provide us your VAT number. This number should be available in VIES database;
  5. Tax id - this should be number which we can use to identify your company in companies register;
  6. Full address of your company. Also if you have other address for corespondance;
  7. URL to online database of companies in your country(where we can check the existence of your company)

Where you should send your information?

Just send us an email:

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