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Dubas Packages


Entity which contain information about specific package. Each package is assigned to parcel.

How to create your first PayPal Plan?

  1. Go to Packages entity.
  2. Fill all mandatory fields like type of package, value, height etc.
  3. Save.

Explanation of fields

  1. Parcel - to which parcel package is related. Link to Parcels entity.
  2. Weight - weight of package in kg's. Enter only number.
  3. Width - width of package in cm's. Enter only number.
  4. Height - height of package in cm's. Enter only number.
  5. Lenght - lenght of package in cm's. Enter only number.
  6. Package number - number created based on parcel number.
  7. Value - value of package.
  8. Pickup date - when package was collected.
  9. Delivery date - when package was delivered.
  10. Description of content - description of package content.
  11. Reference number - reference number for package. If empty, will be populated from Parcel.
  12. Type - type of package. a. Package b. Dox c. Pallet

  13. Status - current status of package. a. New - package was created b. Package accepted - package was accepted by personel c. Collected - package was collected from sender d. Shipped - package was shipped e. In transit - package in transit f. Arrived at destination - package arrived at destination, for example warehouse g. Out for delivery - package is in delivery h. Ready to Pickup - package waiting for pickup(only if delivery is to Pickup Point) i. Delivered - Delivered/picked by client from Pickup Point j. Unsuccessful delivery attempt - courier couldn't deliver package to the client k. Returned to sender - package was returned to sender